A combination of low ZW206 and sat Z42 or Z44 or Z48

It is designed for stand alone use, on a dedicated steel support base, in multiamplification (sub + sat) with high impedance or in mono-amplifier configuration for a better economy of power.

The Zingali Obelisk System is on its support base dedicated to convention rooms or wherever it is necessary an irreproachable speech with high intelligibility and the possibility of introducing musical bases with an excellent balance and involvement of the audience.

It is possible the hanging for installations in public places dedicated to music reproduction with the need for a lightweight, controlled dispersion system that can be modulated for different needs.

The target for this system is to obtain a long throw and wide sound projection in reverberant environments with a very small footprint and without the obligation to hang.

Aesthetics and acoustic refinement are combined in a system that meets most needs, from convention centers to multimedia rooms to theaters or Jazz clubs, classrooms dedicated to conventions, conservatories.

The option of dedicated colorations, combined with the slim profiles, allows use in large environments with multiple Obelisk systems installed through the application of delay lines.

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